Friday, July 4, 2008

Whimsical Wonders

I am a big fan of whimsical items for the home. Items that represent a clever way of looking at things, or things that make me smile are the kinds of items I want to surround myself with. A few months back I went to a gallery opening for
Ingo Maurer - whose piece is shown above. He had a way of capturing something so charming about an object we all overlook everyday - the lightbulb.

I'm sure you will continue to notice that some of my favorite pieces have this same charming, but practical, quality to them.

One of my all time favorite pieces of furniture, which I broke down and bought for my new apartment, is the Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck. This now classic piece of furniture has that whimsical touch to it that makes it so endearing - a modern twist on a classic piece from a bygone era becomes a new classic.

These birdcage lamps by Roost do something similar to the Ingo Maurer pieces for me - but in a more earthy and rustic sort of way. 

And not to harp on lighting (or in this case the illusion of lighting), but I find the Blik Chandelier wall decals one of my favorites as well. Elegant, yet a little tongue in cheek. Ingo Maurer also brought to life the idea of the one dimensional representation of light with his Luster LED chandelier.

I only wish I had a place big enough for all of these wonderful things!