Sunday, July 6, 2008

Roger Federer at 2008 Wimbledon

I'm not typically a men's fashion fanatic, but when I saw Roger Federer at this year's Wimbledon (my FAVOURITE sporting event), I nearly died. He looked SO slick in his monogrammed gold and white cardigan, white polo, and matching sport bag. What an exciting departure from the more avant-garde (/hideous) outfits we've been seeing on the courts (*cough* Serena *cough*). I just wish his tennis racquet bag matched--ahhh so distracting!

I am definitely going to have to track down one of these pieces. I really must commend whoever designed the RF logo--it's absolutely stunning.

And what an exhilarating final match between him and Nadal! While I love Roger, I have such a soft spot for Rafa's boyish charm. What a cute pairing between the genteel Federer and rough-and-tumble Nadal. I've been fortunate enough to watch both of them play live and I must tell you, it's such joy. I love tennis!