Monday, February 2, 2009


Online window shopping, yet again, trying to find a high-waisted black tulip skirt. I've been on the hunt for one for ages, but still can't find exactly what I'm looking for...typically because I get side-tracked / fall in love with another unaffordable item of clothing. But this time, I found a few things that aren't totally out of my budget, thanks to Lulu's well-edited selection of drool-worthy items. May I present to you, a "this and that" mélange of things whitepeach covets from Lulu's:

Billabong Wild Thing Skirt in red and navy. This would be adorable with a sheer v-neck tee, tights like in the photo, a drapey scarf, and either flats or sky-high heels. $44.

Live Wire zipper leggings in black. So damn hot. Can barely deal. $30.

Parker Double Skirt Dress in navy twill. Of course they sold out of my size. sighhh. $38.

Heart Attack Dress in black/grey. Love the pockets and holy buhgeezus, this looks just like the navy nubbly wool dress I got at Goodwill last December...but left at my friend Alison's and still haven't claimed it...must.go.back. $33--a steal if they have your size.

Dorothy Sweatheart Dress in red plaid. A cute little plaid number--reminds me of a L.A.M.B. dress from a couple seasons ago. $55.

Vogue Dress in hot pink/black. Deadly cute with the demi-cups and tulip skirt to hide wide birthing hips. $49.

aaaaaaand still no sight of black high-waisted tulip skirt. No surprise there.