Sunday, August 3, 2008

If I can't have them, then I want you to have 'em

I was at Winners (Canada's TJ Maxx) yesterday, and desperately wanted a pair of beautiful black patent Tahari pumps. I can't seem to find a photo of them, but they were a classic pair with a rounded point, scallop detailing at the instep, and very comfortable (Tahari's my go-to brand for comfy heels). As I had a shopping cart full of other purchases, I decided my bank account would hate me less if I left these lovely shoes behind.

But just as I was saying my 'goodbyes', I noticed a young woman trying on pairs of heels. Now, I just couldn't take it. This poor misguided lady was trying on those godawful ultra-pointy pumps that scream "I bought these on sale at Aldo!" Okay, I'm not trying to knock Aldo...okay, maybe I am. But you have got to understand that certain stores just make stuff that looks cheap! For example, one characteristic that makes shoes look cheap = super-point. Witness:

*shudder* All of these women suffer from Aldo Super-Pointy Heel Syndrome (ASPHS). Stores like Aldo take a trend (e.g. pointy toes) and RUN with it, creating this exaggerated knock-off that looks like a knock-off. ASPHS is only exacerbated when combined with cheap materials, like pleather/vinyl:

The worst part about this is that these shoes typically cost $100--more than what you could pay at TJ Maxx for a GREAT pair of luxury designer heels that look and feel better! Hmmm...I think I will write another post about the differences between cheap and cute shoes...

Anyway, back to the story. So this lady was trying on sinful ASPHS styles, and I just couldn't stop myself--I had to pipe up.

"Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice that you're trying on pumps. I know this may sound odd, but I love these beautiful classic black patent Tahari pumps with wonderful scalloped detailing and figure, if I can't them, I would want you to have 'em," I explained.

"Uh, okay," she eyed me nervously, "Yeah, I like black patent a lot."

"Oh yes, they give an outfit much more of an 'oomph' than plain black leather. Here try them on- they're super comfy too." I tried my best to give off 'I'm not crazy' vibes.

[She slipped them on]...and sigh it was magical the way she lit up!

"Oh my god!! These are amazing!"

"I know," I nodded, so pleased with myself, "They're one of my favourite brands and they elongate your leg much more, and they're an even higher heel height than the ones you were trying on, but probably much more comfortable and chicer."

She laughed, "Yes, you're right. Thank you so much!"

"Enjoy!" I smiled and turned away. Another fashion convert success story at my local Winners :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Still longing for an IKEA Jonsberg vase

It's been years since I've fallen in love with Hella Jongerius' series of vases for Ikea--particularly the pink and gold one (although I'm digging all of them now, for different rooms). Don't know what reminded me of these, but I'm on a mission to find a Jonsberg vase. eBay->click to save search->daily reminders for matched items-> woot.